Heatsinks & Cooling

Thermal Management Manufacturers

No electronics without cooling! Thermal management is becoming increasingly important and with products such Adda fans, Laird thermal interfaces, ATS and MechaTronix heat sinks, and UAF filters we have everything to keep your application at the right temperature.

Laird Thermal Systems Laird Thermal Systems

As the only company in the industry with this comprehensive offering of products and design services, Laird Thermal Systems designs and manufactures some of the world’s most reliable thermoelectric modules, thermoelectric assemblies, temperature controllers and liquid cooling systems. We are the preferred thermal management solutions supplier for critical applications in telecom, medical, analytical, industrial, transportation and consumer markets. Our strong applications expertise combined with unmatched support in thermal management design results in optimized design solutions.

Laird Performance Materials Laird Performance Materials
With Laird Performance Materials, Telerex can rely on a global partner. Customers around the world solve heat, EMI and compliance challenges with products from Laird Performance Materials. With Laird, optimized designs for highly reliable performance are delivered in smaller form factors that weigh less and require less power.
AddA AddA
AddA is a global player in the field of thermal management. This Taiwanese manufacturer of fans and accessories was founded in 1978 and has built up a wide repertoire of thermal products over the years, and year after year multiple of these products have won the Taiwanese "Award of Excellence". AddA now has production facilities on two continents and supports customers and users through a worldwide service and support network.
Kitagawa Kitagawa

Kitagawa GmbH, part of the globally operating Kitagawa Group, is a specialist in the field of Thermal and EMC products for the European market. They offer high-quality, innovative products for a wide variety of applications.

MeccAl MeccAl
Mecc.Al srl, founded in 1996, is one of the seven companies belonging to the largest Italian private industrial group in the sector of rolled aluminum products with a total annual manufactured volume of over 110,000 tons exported to 85 countries.
MechaTronix MechaTronix
MechaTronix in Taiwan is a versatile supplier, specialised in the development and production of plastic and metal components for use in the field of industrial electronics, which also provides assembly services. In its first five years of operation, MechaTronix has built up an extensive portfolio of production and processing techniques and is, thus, a valuable partner in customisation and customer-specific solutions.
Renxin Renxin
RenXin Seiko Industry Co. Ltd is a high-tech company located in Dongguan China, who is focusing on the research of thermal solutions and heat dissipation in electronic products. In cooperation with the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, the University of Science and Technology Beijing and ANSYS Asia Pacific Technology Co., Ltd. they have carried out scientific research which they use in their daily business.
Universal Air Filter Universal Air Filter
Universal Air Filter, or UAF, was founded in 1959 and is our partner for the development and production of specialised air filtration and EMI shielding. This American company has accumulated a huge amount of knowledge and a great number of designs, which can easily tackle any issue regarding air filtration and EMI shielding. UAF assists original equipment manufacturers around the world in the development and production of electronics and industrial machines and applications.
ATS - Advanced Thermal Solutions ATS - Advanced Thermal Solutions
Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS) is an advanced technology partner for the development and production of electronics cooling. ATS, founded in the USA in 1989, has in recent years developed complete solutions for thermal issues and is world famous for its portfolio of more than 5000 heat sink solutions, high-quality testing equipment, and market leading product development.