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Telerex offers a wide range of power supplies, converters, inverters, and transformers from manufacturers such as Traco Power, P-Duke, Skynet, Schaefer, Mean Well, Crane Interpoint, Cosel and Autronic. From a PCB mounting module for the power supply of components to the heavy converters for rail applications and from LED drivers for lighting applications to DIN rail power supplies for cabinet builders.

Mean Well Switching Power Supply Manufacturer Mean Well
Mean Well is one of the world's leading manufacturers of power supplies. Mean Well was founded in 1982 in Taiwan and is synonymous for a very wide range of power supply series, such as AC/DC switching power supplies, DC/DC converters, DC/AC inverters, adapters and battery chargers. In 1994 the ISO9001 certification was acquired and Mean Well now has several manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China.
Traco Power Reliable. Available. Now. Traco Power
Traco Electronic AG is a Swiss electronics manufacturer with headquarters in Zurich. Traco has been making power supplies for over 30 years and specialises in the design, development, and production of high-quality DC/DC converters and AC/DC power supplies. Traco's products are famous worldwide under the brand name Traco Power and Telerex represents Traco's power products in the Benelux.
P-Duke Power P-Duke Power
The Taiwanese manufacturer P-Duke Power. is a product of the startup wave of the early 1990s. After its start of operations in 1992, this manufacturer of DC/DC converters experienced hefty competition for the first decade of fierce competition, before turning onto a path of steady growth. With factories in Taiwan and China, more than 200 employees, and a solid capitalisation, P-Duke Power. is now a name to be reckoned with.
Autronic Autronic
With a history dating back to 1973 and the development and production of DC/DC converters since 1982, Autronic is a power producer with a formidable pedigree! The Autronic power range has more than 500 standard models and numerous examples of custom DC/DC and AC/DC solutions. Autronic offers the all important 14~154VDC wide input range and is, thereby, the industry reference for railway applications in the world.
Skynet Skynet
Skynet is a veteran on the power market, founded in 1979. With a very large range of circuits, Skynet offers a solution for a wide variety of power issues, from Ring-Choke to PWN, hard and soft switching, passive and active PFC functions. This ensures fast delivery and high quality for OEM models and customer-specific adaptations. Skynet excells in handling 180% overloads during 10 seconds.
Cosel Cosel
Telerex can offer power supplies from the Japanese company Cosel, which is one of the world's leading manufacturers in this area. This company, founded in 1967, offers high-quality and a wide range of products, from ultra-small AC/DC power supplies to state-of-the-art DC/DC converters and effective, user-friendly noise filters. Cosel excells in handling 180% overloads during 10 seconds and offers extremely high power density and series that still deliver full power at 100°C  case temperature. Cosels specs are conservative, ensuring optimal operation within them. They offer up to 10 years of warranty and up to 20 years longevity.
Schaefer Schaefer
Schaefer Elektronik, founded in Germany in 1969, is a mid-sized manufacturer of heavy-duty power solutions for specialised and demanding applications.
Crane interpoint Crane interpoint
Crane Interpoint is the power branch of Crane Aerospace & Electronics and the company largely focuses, as the name suggests, on electronic products and developments for the aerospace industry. However, Crane Interpoint also makes DC/DC converters for military applications for the army, air force, and navy.
Eplax Power Eplax Power
EPLAX develops, manufactures and provides power supply solutions in nearly every industrial application, our VEROPOWER brand is synonymous with reliability and durability.
Jesiva Jesiva
Jesiva's main objective since the inception in 1971 of Jesiva Transformers has always been to provide the best service and quality for maximum customer satisfaction. This resulted in Jesiva becoming the first ISO-9002 certified company in the sector in 1994.
TDK-Lambda TDK-Lambda
With Design and Manufacturing centers spread across Asia and North America, TDK-Lambda is one of the world's largest power supply manufacturers with a leading position in the industrial market segment. With our extensive 1.5 W to 100 kW range of AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC converters, Programmable DC power supplies and EMC/EMI noise filters, TDK-Lambda offers the right solutions for a broad spectrum of applications.