Peltier element

Thermo-electric cooling

Peltier Element

Telerex has a wide range of heat sinks, fans and chillers for cooling electrical components or applications. Thermo-electric modules can be applied in cases where heat extraction needs a boost or where the physical space does not allow for the application of (large) heat sinks.

A TEM is a compact and highly efficient heat pump constructed out of semiconductors, which can be placed, for instance, the component and the heat sink. By sending a current through the TEM, one side of the TEM becomes cool while the other becomes hot so that a heat flow is generated from hot to cold. This electrically generated heat flow then ‘pumps' the heat away from the component that needs cooling. This is known as the Peltier effect, and TEMs are therefore also known as Peltier devices.

Thermoelectric coolers can be used either individually or in combination with a heat sink or cooling unit, according to the cooling needs and the available installation space. Thermoelectric devices therefore often form the basis of a complete Thermo-Electric Assembly, or a TEA. Telerex can not only provide standard solutions from its stock, but can also provide customised and client-specific solutions. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and our network of leading suppliers, we can also provide you with all of the necessary peripheral components such as seals, cables with connectors, heat sinks, thermal interfaces, fans, air filters, power supplies, controllers, and much more.

Peltier Stack

Thermo-electric advantages

  • Contains no moving components or fluids
  • Highly compact and thus suitable for hot spot cooling
  • Light weight
  • Focused and precision cooling below ambient temperatures
  • High reliability and a long service life of up to 200,000 hours
  • Silent
  • Rapid response time

Like the way in which a dynamo without current acts like an electric motor and vice-versa, a Peltier device can also be used to convert absorbed heat into current. This is known as the Seebeck-effect, and can in theory be used in applications for enhancing energy efficiency and for green energy developments. This system is still in the development and optimalisation phase, but may offer opportunities for the future.

TEMs and thermo-electric assemblies are widely used in our field, in medical applications, the automotive industry, chip cooling, printers, laser diodes, cameras and optical instruments, telecom applications and much more. Of course there is a wide range of TEMs and TEAs available, in terms of both their construction method and the materials used, that can be used in all these diverse applications. Telerex has the knowledge and experience to advise you quickly and to provide a sample for your development.

TE applications

  • Medical sector, such as coolers for organ transport, analysis devices, and biomedical equipment
  • Automotive industry
  • Chip and IC cooling
  • Printers
  • Precision equipment such as laser diodes, CCDs, cameras, and optical systems
  • Telecommunications and broadcasting
  • Coolers, cold plates, heat exchangers, controlled cooling installations such as beer or wine coolers

New technology: micro Peltiers

eTECTM Peltiers are a new development. These thermo-electric coolers are particularly compact and lend themselves towards client-specific cooling solutions that require rapid heat transfer in a compact space. With dimensions, for example, measuring 1.0x1.6x0.62mm or 2.0x2.1x0.62mm or 3.1x2.1x0.62mm and a 10 times larger heat pump capacity than that of standard Peltiers, these devices embody substantial progress! A response time of less than 2 ms is an added bonus.

Peltier Principle

eTECTM applications:

  • Solar products
  • PCR: Polymerase Chain Reaction process = thermal cycling, including DNA research and medical analysis devices
  • Power generation and Seebeck-effect: energy creation through temperature differentials