Heat pipe

Heat Pipes

HeatpipeHeat pipes are the conveyors within electronic cooling units and the ideal way of transferring heat from point A to point B. This can have major benefits in cases where there are hot spots or where there is too little space for a cooling unit next to the object that needs cooling, so that the heat must be transferred to a different location. It is deployed in compact electronic devices such as laptops, computers, portable devices, and applications for which the benefits of passive, energy efficient cooling are important.

Telerex has a longstanding relationship with several leading manufacturers of cooling solutions and products, so that we are able to provide a wide, standard range of products. Heat pipes, however, are usually configured according to the client’s specifications, often after a thermal analysis. Size, shape, and materials often depend on the physical space, cooling requirements, and budgetary limitations of the application, and often the heat pipes are embedded or integrated into the heat sinks or aggregates.

Heat pipe advantages

  • Large capacity for heat transfer
  • No external power source required
  • No moving components or pump
  • Rapid response

The principle on which the heat pipe is based is simple. Within a closed heat pipe, loop heat pipe, or a so-called ‘vapour chamber’, there is a fluid which is vaporised during heating and condenses against the wall of the heat pipe during cooling. The circulation in the heat pipe which is generated allows for a rapid and efficient transfer of heat. This system is not only suitable for the rapid extraction of heat, but also for the spreading of heat in the case of the ‘vapour chamber’.

Telerex offers training sessions on heat pipes twice a year. Please see here for further information about heat pipe training sessions.

Vapor Chamber

Vapor Chambers

Vapour chamber solutions are based on the same technology as heatpipes. In contrast to the linear heat transport in one direction inside the heat pipes, vapour chambers are capable of transporting heat in two directions and completely.

The application of these precision copper assembly products can transfer heat up to three times as fast. Vapour chambers have a typical thickness of 3mm and are up to 300 x 300 mm in size. The advantages of this cooling process make vapour chambers suitable for computer applications, the industrial and LED markets.

Heatpipe Animation