Fans & Blowers

Fans & Blowers

Fans blowers

The use of a fan can produce a greater air flow around the object needing cooling and in this way provide additional cooling. Especially the cooling capacity of heat sinks rapidly increases in this way. In a sealed housing with no natural air flow, a fan can be a way to generate sufficient airflow or a way for pushing out warm air and sucking in cool inside air.

Telerex has a wide variety of fans. These start with the choice for AC or DC. The former usually operate at 220-230V, while DC fans are available ranging from 3.5V to 48V. Also, we offer a wide range of possibilities for control, from simple fans with two wires running under a constant voltage at a fixed speed, to fans with three wires for optionally measuring and adjusting the speed of rotation, to fans with four wires for power, grounding, measurement, and speed control. The best way to control the fan speed is with PWM, or a pulse width modulation signal on the fourth wire.


DC Fans

DC fans are there from 3.5V to 48V, is driven with two wires for a fixed number of revolutions at a constant voltage, three wires for the measuring and controlling of the fan-speed or four wires for power supply, ground, measurement and speed control, preferably with a PWM signal on the fourth wire..

Plenty of Choice:

  • Blowers
  • Chip Coolers
  • CPU & GPU Coolers
  • Fan-heat sink combinations
  • Fans with cable and connector

Fans and Bearings

  • Ball bearings
    Ball bearings offer the lowest friction on the shaft and are the best solution. A fan with ball bearings has the highest quality and the longest service life.
  • Hypro X
    This is a bearing which uses a plastic shaft that floats in a closed pocket with a lubricant. This bearing is a cheaper alternative to the more expensive ball bearing system, but due to the enclosure with lubricant, it has less friction and a longer service life than a sleeve bearing.
  • Sleeve bearing
    This is a bearing which uses a lubricated synthetic shaft and is the cheapest option.

Choosing materials

CPU Cooler
  • High performance fans
    With impellers formed for maximum air displacement and high revs
  • Silent fans
    For air displacement
  • Green Fans
    For Low power comsumption
  • Waterproof Fans
    For application under water or in wet surroundings
  • Dustproof
    For application in dusty circumstances
  • Chipcoolers + fans
    For application on chips
  • Blowers for specific air currents

Application of Fans

  • Computers and servers
  • Telecommunication
  • Medical
  • Power Generation
  • Industrial
  • Broadband/CATV
  • HVAC
  • Military

Smart AC Fans

Fan manufacturer ADDA also produces intelligent smart fans with ambient temperature sensing. These fans automatically adjust their revs to the ambient temperature and that saves energy and noise!

Adda Fan


  • Silent operation
  • Economically priced
  • Low power consumption
  • Low speed capability
  • Temperature controled speed
  • User controled speed
  • Curve adaptable revs

Waterproof Fans

Telerex also supplies waterproof fans, especially for industrial applications and applications where dust, dirt and humidity influencing factors.