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EPLAX develops, manufactures and provides power supply solutions in nearly every industrial application, our VEROPOWER brand is synonymous with reliability and durability.


In 1964, Mr Weiss became involved in the sale of VERO in Germany, and VERO Electronics GmbH became a fact. From then on, the repertoire expanded quickly, and from simple mounting racks in the mid-70s VERO presented its first line of 19"rack mounted power feeds.

This was followed by a very successful growth period during which VERO was taken over by the British cable giant BICC, and for the first time was in American hands and subsequently became part of the German company Elektro-Automatik and finally became independent again through a management buy-out in 2006 and now operates under the name of EPLAX. As part of this, EPLAX maintains the exclusive rights to the production and sale of the VEROPOWER brand.

Telerex has taken over the exclusive distribution of the EPLAX power lines for the Benelux. With a wide program of standard power supplies, compact feeds and DC converters and a large range of OEM solutions, EPLAX provides professional and high-quality power solutions for a large number of industrial and professional applications. Emphasis is on the off-the-shelf products on 19" and DIN rail mounting, but within the OEM range, open and closed frame models are also available, as well as customized solutions.

Traffic engineering Customized Power Supply VPR 595

EPLAX Power Lines

Standard Power Supplies

  • AC/DC standard
  • AC/DC Ultra compact
  • AC/DC active PFC
  • AC/DC economy
  • DC/DC standard
  • AC/DC & DC/AC cPCI series
  • AC/DC DIN-rail

Compact Power Supplies

  • AC/DC Ultracompact
  • DC/DC Ultracompact
Traffic engineering Customized Power Supply VP 60

Below is a small cross-section of customized solutions realized and customer-specific modifications to standard products.

OEM Power Supplies

  • Redundant versions with hot swap, N+1 redundancy and active load sharing
  • I2C, USB, RS232, RS485, Ethernet, CAN bus and IrDA software interfaces and signal transmission on the power line
  • Various signalling equipment integrated in hardware: DC fail, Power fail, AC fail, Sys reset, VME signals, V adjust signals, External I/O (inhibit), Power OK, Frequency synchronisation signal, ASF (load share) signal, 0 to 10V control voltages
  • optoeleCtroniCS Customized Power Supply VP 168
  • Programmable battery charging characteristics
  • Integrated battery backup for mains buffering
  • Conformity to EN 50121, EN 50155 standards, compliance with all current EMC guidelines (extending to ultra-low radiated noise for requirements imposed by military aviation), compatibility with all applicable telecommunications standards and much more
  • Diverse thermal and mechanical designs for special requirements regarding ventilation, shock resistance, extreme temperature ranges etc.
  • UL and CSA certification are possible in addition to the CE mark
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