ZEBEX Z-5652 Plus scanner – 2D Image scan module

01 May 2018

Zebex launched a new version of their Z-5652 2D Image scan module, called “Z-5652 Plus”. Lighting speed without compromising performance, the scanner features a powerful 2D engine that easily decodes most 1D and 2D barcodes with intuitive aiming accuracy.

Z-5652 Plus

The design structure of Z-5652 Plus changed so barcodes are detected by image recognition instead of IR LED. Additionally the Z-5652 Plus has a motion tolerance feature to sense and decode the barcodes much faster. It also excels at reading barcodes on smart phone, tablets or computer screens and barcodes that are poorly printed. For customers who demand high speed of reading, Z-5652 Plus will be the perfect solution for integration in kiosk and vending machines. It is the perfect solution for medical industry, retail stores, smart phone applications, and the banking industry.

Features of Z-5652 Plus:

  • Exceptional motion tolerance

  • Ambient light immunity of 100,000 lux

  • Reading barcode off cell phone screen

  • Compact size which fit for a constrained space - 24.3 × 42.6 × 63.3 mm

  • Weight 110 gram

  • Easy integration due to USB & RS232 interface options

  • Full directional barcode reading

  • Excellent durability with withstand 1.5-meter drops onto metal

  • Input voltage 5VDC +- 10%

  • All safety and EMC regulations (CE, IEC62471 Exempt)

  • Decoding all common 1D and 2D codes


Download product specs Z-5652 Plus scanner