Telerex supplies Zebex barcode readers as part of its total product package for public and industrial applications. With the increase in electronics and automation in many industries, the barcode has come to play a particularly important role in the processing, registration, and localisation of goods and people. Zebex supplies barcode readers for the most diverse applications, such OEM embedded module, hands-free, or handheld scanner.

Zebex barcode readers are used in cash registers, goods control, the medical sector, the transportation sector, and even at events. Telerex offers with Zebex for all these markets and applications the right barcode reader, accompanied by sound technical advice and the best conditions..

Zebex barcode readers

  • In-counter scanners, for in cash registers, counters, and such
  • Hands-free scanners for warehouse and POS applications
  • Handheld scanners, for transport, storage, and control

Zebex applications

  • Kiosks
  • Access control
  • Cash register systems
  • Registration
  • Vending machines
  • Production machines

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