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WPS Parking Systems - A successful partnership

Telerex as a partner:

'Flexible, clear and very reliable' – Hans Kruithof, Director of Operations at WPS.

WPS parking systems

WPS Parking Systems and Telerex have been working together successfully for several years now. WPS is a specialist in innovative parking management solutions. Thanks to a continuous focus on innovation, reliable products, service and maintenance, WPS provides its customers with customised solutions and the ultimate user experience on any location.

The collaboration between Telerex and WPS started with the delivery of reliable hardware components. Working with WPS, Telerex provided expert advice and engineering when selecting the right hardware. WPS is now incorporating these high-quality components as standard in their parking equipment.

WPS is using printers and power supplies supplied by Telerex in almost all WPS entry kiosks. You can find them in car parks all over the world: The United States, Canada, Brazil, England, Belgium and the Netherlands and in almost all market segments from luxury campsites to large university hospitals.

At large parking locations, vending machines issue an average of around 250,000 tickets every quarter. The fact that a printer has to process so many tickets makes it a crucial mechanism that is essential for WPS. And not only for WPS, but especially for its customers. For them, good traffic flow is the most important thing. This means no long queues should occur at the barriers before entering the car park.

The Netherlands is increasingly using license plate recognition for parking. This makes the parking ticket almost superfluous when entering, because the exit is already automated. However, there are still quite a few countries where there is a huge cash economy and where parking tickets are widely used to declare Custom printer WPSexpenses. WPS offers the latest technologies, but, depending on the market in which they operate and local practices, there are specific requirements that the parking equipment must meet. As a result, every kiosk always has a printer as backup or as a crucial element in the kiosk.

In order to guarantee quality worldwide and under any weather conditions, Telerex Custom supplies printers consisting of solid metal units that are robust, rugged and weatherproof. WPS has recently selected a new printer for its kiosks in collaboration with Telerex engineers. The printers are suitable for heavier ticket paper and will have a long-term availability. This is efficient for the WPS service process. And they are familiar with the Custom printers and have good experiences with them.

Telerex also delivers the power supplies for the kiosks. A lot has changed in this area over the past five to ten years. WPS uses a variety of power supplies for its stations to meet the required specifications. Consider, for example, resistance to high temperatures in Texas or specific peak current loads in remote areas of Canada. Today, however, standard power supplies can also increasingly meet these requirements. The engineers and technical sales of Telerex and WPS work together to find the best fitting power supply for their specific application. They consider the financial as well as the organisational and qualitative aspects.

Telerex provides WPS with compact power supplies that are easy to mount on a DIN rail. These highly reliable power supplies have a minimal margin of error. In addition, the power supplies are extensively certified, meaning they are suitable for worldwide usage. It goes without saying that the correct certification is extremely important for WPS, considering a large part of their market is located in America and Canada. Here the compulsory UL certification applies.

In addition to the production, WPS is also responsible for the service and maintenance of its parking systems. A high quality product often means less maintenance on site which saves costs. In addition, parking facilities are often located in densely populated areas, making service and maintenance difficult.
Telerex provides WPS with reliable hardware components, facilitating call-off contracts. This means we consider the available stock in a flexible way and ensure there is always a margin, so that WPS can continue to serve its customers worldwide.

Are you looking for a business partner who understands your company and contributes ideas and advice when you need to integrate new products? We are Telerex and will be happy to assist you!

WPS statement about the partnership with Telerex:

'I like to work with companies that suit our business. They shouldn't be too small and especially not too big. I think Telerex is an excellent match. How does that translate in practice? We both have the professionalism to understand each other's business very well. Telerex is flexible, clear and very reliable. We understand each other's challenges and we brainstorm together.'
– Hans Kruithof, Director of Operations at WPS.