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Winstar WEO009664A

Winstar WEO009664AWPP3N00000

New in February 2020

WEO009664A is a small OLED display which is made of resolution 96x64 pixels, diagonal size 0.95 inch. This Passive Matrix OLED is built in with SSD1305 IC; it can communicate via 6800/8080 8-bit parallel, I2C, SPI interface. The supply voltage for logic of WEO009664A is 3V, 1/64 driving duty; display with 50% check board current is 6mA@12Vcc (typical value). It can be operating at temperatures from -40℃ to +80℃; its storage temperatures range from -40℃ to +85℃.

The visible portion of the OLED measures 0.95" diagonal and contains OLED 96x64 pixels is very suitable for portable device since it is much brighter, much higher contrast, wider viewing angle and lower current consumption than conventional LCD. WEO009664A COG OLED displays are ultra thin, lightweight and low power consumption which is great for handheld device, meters, smart grid, IoT, etc.

WEO009664A Specifications
Item Dimension
Dot Matrix 96 x 64 Dots
Module dimension 24.9 × 22.95 × 1.65 mm
Active Area 19.946 × 13.418 mm
Pixel Size 0.186 × 0.188 mm
Pixel Pitch 0.208 × 0.21 mm
Display Mode Passive Matrix
Display Color Monochrome
Drive Duty 1/64 Duty
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