Winstar Co. Ltd, established in 1998, has enjoyed steady growth over the past 14 years and has grown into a major manufacturer of display solutions for electronic applications. Winstar has factories in Taiwan and China and produces 200,000 LCD modules, LCD panels, OLEDs, TFT displays, and E-Papers every month.

Telerex supplies Winstar displays because of the consistent production quality, good quality to price relation, short delivery times, and broad applicability of their products within the OEM and industrial electronics markets. Winstar maintains a proactive investment and development policy and despite its significant production volumes has the flexibility for customer-specific solutions and customisations. Telerex is also supported by Winstar’s professional R&D and support department.

  • Winstar has great flexibility and capacity for customisation
  • We can count on solid logistics and customer support
  • Winstar offers contemporary solutions with new developments such as OLED
  • They are constantly investing in new technologies such as E-Paper and OLED
  • Telerex enjoys solid support by Winstar
  • Winstar has a very customer-focused orientation

Within these applications, Winstar offers great advantages. Its LCD displays are widely used in industrial machine and device building due to their compact design, attractive prices, and variety of available sizes. Winstar TFT displays are in great demand in the automotive and transportation industry because of their high quality and clarity. Winstar's OLEDs are, due to their low power consumption and low-depth installation, the ideal display solution for portable devices and battery-powered applications. With the rise of digital reading media such as digital books, manuals, and cards, their E-Book displays are also increasingly employed in mobile reading devices and identification solutions.

Winstar makes displays for

  • Industrial machine building
  • Automotive applications
  • Telecom products
  • Household appliances
  • Consumer electronics
  • Medical equipment

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