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telerex value line computer

Paying through the nose for custom built computers? Why would you, if one of your specific parameters is actually the available budget? At Telerex, even price is a part of customisation. You opt for a relatively simple system, not requiring any excessive redundancy, longevity or remote monitoring capabilities? The Value Line might just be the thing for you, without having to stint on quality or our customary fail free operation. The Telerex Value Line is ideally suited for use in audio-visual applications, vending machines or surveillance systems.

Customisation does not need to be expensive. Actually, price is also a part of customisation! Do you want to keep the configuration relatively simple and do you not have extreme demands for redundancy, remote monitoring or longevity? Then our VALUE Line is the answer to your needs. Without incurring any sacrifice in the Telerex quality the flawless execution of the designated tasks, of course. This line is, for instance, an option for audiovisual, surveillance, or vending applications.

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Properties Value Line Computers

  • Cost effective
  • Allround applications
  • Heavy duty design
  • Industrial cooling concept