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Universal Air Filter

Universal Air FilterUniversal Air Filter, or UAF, was founded in 1959 and is our partner for the development and production of specialised air filtration and EMI shielding. This American company has accumulated a huge amount of knowledge and a great number of designs, which can easily tackle any issue regarding air filtration and EMI shielding. UAF assists original equipment manufacturers around the world in the development and production of electronics and industrial machines and applications.

UAF provides extensive engineering support and readily available, free prototypes or samples, so that the R&D engineer can quickly continue with developing a particular machine, device, or application. UAF filters are designed for heat extraction, dust trapping, controlling the air flow, fire safety, and EMI shielding in electronic and mechanical applications. UAF pays close attention to the fact that there is often limited space in compact and fully developed electronic housings.

Product Series

  • Quadrafoam Air Filters
  • Dual EMI Air Filters
  • EMI Vent Panels
  • Windowpane Air Filters
  • Flex-Frame Air Filters
  • Polyester Air Filters
  • Uni-Foam Air Filters
  • Polyfold Air Filters
  • PyroCide Vent Panel
  • Metal Mesh Air Filters
  • Outside Plant Filters
  • Air Filter Kits
  • Air Filter Accessories

UAF maintains the strictest quality norms and its products and processes more than meet the norms and quality standards of the target markets. UAF not only supplies standard products, but can also offer customer-specific solutions and competitively priced replacement parts for existing filters and shields. This makes UAF the preferred choice for air filtration and EMI shielding for engineers around the world.

Application domains

  • Telecommunications
  • Automation & networks
  • Industrial applications
  • Medical equipment
  • Electronics
  • Military applications
  • Power
  • HVAC

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