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Thermal & EMC training

Training LED

In addition to Telerex' extensive Thermal Services, we are also offering courses and workshops in the field of thermal applications. A number of Thermal Training sessions are being organized each year, starting from the basic principles of cooling and ending with customized courses for specific market applications. These objective courses are given by external thermal specialists.

Every good design starts with a thorough thermal analysis and the basic principles for the sound cooling of electronics. Therefore the course will cover basic theories, practical demonstrations, calculations, and a sample analysis at every level.

Tailor-made courses

Besides the courses which have been scheduled and given at our own locations, we can also offer tailor-made courses. These can be the trainings mentioned before, however they will be given at your preferred location, and / or possibly fit into a training program of your company.

These courses will meet the same high standard as our in-house training, and we provide the training materials at a desired location. The past few years we have been allowed to give several successful courses to our customers. Feel free to contact us for more information, possibilities and prices.

All courses will be given in Dutch.