Computer Automation

RTD Embedded Technologies

As co-founder of the PC/104 Consortium RTD is an authority in the field of research, design, and production of highly reliable, innovative, robust, and modular build computer boards and systems. Their product range strongly emphasises PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PCI-104 and PCI/104-Express solutions. RTD is naturally AS9100 and ISO-9001 certified, to meet the requirements of its customers’ markets.

RTDs products are suitable for severe and demanding conditions. They are very shock and vibration resistant, and can withstand extreme temperatures. The application environments range from oceans, deserts, polar regions, high mountains, and space as needed in the commercial, industrial, military, and aerospace markets. RTD has a wide range of products: CPU cards, digital signal processing, intelligent process control, data acquisition and processing, adaptive signal processing, video capture, telematics, wireless, networking, communications, field bus, power supply, and UPS.

RTD products

  • Robust PC/104 products

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