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Protect your Electronics

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On October 20, 2022, Telerex, together with its partners, including Laird, OKW, Coolmag, OTS and EMCMCC, organized a knowledge day, “Protect your Electronics”, in our new office in Wommelgem in Belgium.

Together with experts in the field of EMC and thermal applications, we addressed the challenges faced by engineers. These challenges are often easy to solve with timely identification in the design phase.

During this day we provided a number of presentation sessions as well as the opportunity to discuss face-to-face thermal and/or EMC issues with an expert by appointment.

Did you miss this edition of the Knowledge Day? Review the seminars below!
If you have any Thermal and/ or EMC related questions? Don't hesitate to contact our team.

Seminar by Telerex:
How to protect your electronics

Seminar by Sylvain Goldman & Abir Boujemaa, Schaffner:
EMC challenges

Seminar by Stefan Hering, OKW:
EMC shielded plastic enclosures to protect your electronics

Seminar by Xavier Mirabet, Coolmag:
A new disruptive solution for thermal management

Seminar by Sönke Kastner, Laird Thermal Systems:
Tools to create optimal thermal solutions

Seminar by Tomasz Gilewski, Laird Performance Material:
How to optimize your inductive solutions