PiXtend for Raspberry Pi

11 December 2020

Kontron is expanding their embedded product range with a new platform - PiXtend. This platform is an extension for the popular Raspberry Pi computer, which was originally developed for the education sector, but now can also be used for industrial automation and control.

PiXtend adds the interfaces, as well as inputs and outputs of a full-fledged industrial controller (PLC), to the Linux-based Raspberry Pi. The device drivers make it possible to work with the CODESYS programming environment, which is widely used in the industry. The CODESYS web visualisation enables the PiXtend system to be monitored and controlled from any computer with a web browser (via PC, tablet, smartphone).For embedded Linux programming, PiXtend provides open-source C and Python libraries with sample programs.PiXtend - Raspberry Pi

Possible applications:

  • Analog and digital circuit technology
  • Control platform for building and machine automation
  • PLC programming according to IEC 61131-3 (ST, AWL, FUP, KOP) with CODESYS
  • Practical exercises on embedded software and hardware (32-bit ARM, and 8-bit AVR processor)
  • Internet of Things (IoT) applications, Industry 4.0 platform

PiXtend® products and solutions perfectly fit into Kontron’s offering. The PiXtend® portfolio includes the PiXtend® V2-L- and PiXtend® V2-S- control boards, offering various digital and analog I/O capabilities and communication interfaces (CAN, RS-232, RS-485 (Modbus capable), Ethernet and Wifi) based on a powerful Raspberry Pi single-board computer.

PiXtend is supported with:

  • Codesys V3
  • Libraries for C and Python programming
  • FHEM
  • Node-RED

The boards are complemented by PiXtend® eIO, an I/O expansion system for digital and analog sensors and actuators, which can be connected via Modbus.PiXtend

Industrial connection technology on all modules facilitates wiring directly onto the device or into the control cabinet. All control assemblies and modules are available in a Basic or a Pro version as a complete device with top-hat rail housing.

Downloads the datasheet for more information: