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New P-Duke releases

P-Duke HAE150U/HAE200U Series P-Duke HAE150U/HAE200U Series

New in December 2020

150-200W DC/DC Converter

P-Duke MPU01 Series P-Duke MPU01 Series

New in September 2020

1W DC/DC Converter

P-Duke RED60W Series P-Duke RED60W Series

New in September 2020

60W DC/DC Converter

P-Duke RCD10W Series P-Duke RCD10W Series

New in June 2020

1"x1" 10W DC/DC Converter

P-Duke HSRP6/HSR01 Series P-Duke HSRP6/HSR01 Series

New in March 2020

0.6A 1A Step Down DC/DC Converter

P-Duke RED40W/EED40(W) Series P-Duke RED40W/EED40(W) Series

New in March 2020

The EED40(W) and RED40W supply 40W output power with industry-standard 2"x1" package.

P-Duke MSD40/MSD65/TSD40/TSD65 Series P-Duke MSD40/MSD65/TSD40/TSD65 Series

New in March 2020

40-65W Encapsulated AC/DC Power Supplies

P-Duke EUR01 Series P-Duke EUR01 Series

New in February 2020

EUR01 series is a miniature unregulated DC/DC converter with 1W output power and SIP4 industry-standard package.

P-Duke QAE100U Series P-Duke QAE100U Series

New in July 2019

100 W DC/DC Converter

P-Duke SSM Series P-Duke SSM Series

New in December 2018

SSM series products are surge protection modules. They can clamp input surge voltage to a certain level to protect DC/DC converters.

P-Duke EDL02(W)/EDL03(W) Series P-Duke EDL02(W)/EDL03(W) Series

New in November 2018

EDL02/EDL02W, EDL03/EDL03W series are designed for General Industrial applications. They provide 2W and 3W output power and integrate over-current protection.

P-Duke TAH450 Series P-Duke TAH450 Series

New in July 2017

TAH450 series is industrial grade AC/DC power supply with 450 watts output power. Smaller package with high performance integrates PFC, EMI filter.

P-Duke RCD15(W) Series P-Duke RCD15(W) Series

New in August 2017

RCD15W series is designed for Railway application. It meets EN50155 railway standard with 1"x1" industrail standard package.