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Microwave Absorbers & Dielectrics

Microwave Absorbers & Dielectrics title

Microwave absorbers are used to solve a wide variety of problems such as internal cavity resonances, antenna pattern shaping and high-frequency interference. We offer a diverse product line that includes microwave absorbing elastomers, phase cancellation materials, microwave absorbing foam, specialty microwave absorbers, custom magnetic absorbers and advanced frequency selective products. All of our absorbers can be used at higher frequencies than traditional shielding and with other EMI shields to extend frequency range. Q-Zorb and other sheet form elastomeric absorbers can be installed easily with pressure sensitive adhesive, often directly onto high-frequency board-level components to absorb unwanted radiated and surface wave EMI, and meet FCC requirements without shielding.

Product Variations

  • Low Loss Dielectrics
  • Microwave Absorbing Elastomers & Films
  • Cavity Resonance & Surface Wave Absorbers
  • Nearfield
  • Broadband Free Space Absorbers
  • Narrowband Free Space Absorbers
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