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Medical & Healthcare Electronics

Telerex offers a wide range of electronic components for the medical sector. We offer connectors, displays, power supplies and medical grade embedded computers for medical and lab applications. Needless to say, this sector put a very strict set of demands on machines and electronics, deployed within it. We have to take factors like hygiene, noise and radiation into account, as well as maintenance aspects, power consumption and noise production. More's the reason for all our medical products to comply with all governing regulations and certificates, such as 2*MOPP, 2*MOOP, IEC/EN 60601-1 3th edition. Our medical type products also comply with CLASS I or II, limited leakage current. Our products find wide field of application in scanning devices, bed-side consoles, testing and measuring equipment and more.

Solutions for Medical applications

  • Medical Connectors
  • Medical Panel Pc's

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