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Telerex offers a wide range of electronic components for the medical sector. We offer connectors, displays, power supplies and medical grade embedded computers for medical and lab applications. Needless to say, this sector put a very strict set of demands on machines and electronics, deployed within it. We have to take factors like hygiene, noise and radiation into account, as well as maintenance aspects, power consumption and noise production. More's the reason for all our medical products to comply with all governing regulations and certificates, such as 2*MOPP or 2*MOOP which are part of IEC/EN 60601-1 3rd edition and which handle for instance topics like creepage and clearance distance, leakage current. Our products, class I or class II, find wide field of application in scanning devices, bed-side consoles, testing and measuring equipment and more.

Solutions for Medical applications

We offer a broad range of solutions for medical applications. From Panel PC's to Advanced Medical connectors, you can always contact our sales engineers to find the right product for your medical device. You can also find a large part of our standard electronic components for medical applications available in our online store. Please see our online assortment of electronic components for medical devices.

1xMOOP, 2xMOPP what medical safety classification should I choose?

IEC 60601-1 Medical safety standard

Choosing the right electrical safety classification for medical applications can be tough. This whitepapaer provides you insight in Means of Patient Protection (MOPP) isolation, creepage, clearance and insulation.

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Electronics for Medical Applications

Medical Power Supplies Power Supplies Suitable for Medical Applications Medical Power Supplies
The medical product lines can be divided into AC-DC external adaptors, built-in enclosed type, configurable power, PCB type, and DC-DC modules that cover 1W~1200W output power, consisting of more than 80 product series and 500 different models. In addition, the medical power supplies are certified to the latest IEC60601-1 3rd edition safety standards and possess 2xMOPP or MOOP isolation levels and are often BF rated.
Medical Enclosures Enclosured & Housings Created for Medical Applications Medical Enclosures
Medical electronic applications require a special breed of enclosures: tough, high-quality and with a wide range of specialized design features. Hospitals, GP surgeries and other healthcare facilities have high demands when it comes to their electronic applications.
Medical EMI RFI EMI/RFI Filters Comply with Medical Standard IEC60601-1 Medical EMI RFI
Medical-compliance power entry modules with EMI/RFI filter is used in order to suppress conducted interference that present on a signal or power line. This power entry modules with line filter are rated as water resistant at IP65, with seal protection at the panel opening around the fuse holders, and between the inlet housing and connector pins.
Medical Connectors Push-Pull Connectors Approved for Medical Applications Medical Connectors
Thanks to its distinctive coding options, the ODU MEDI-SNAP® connectors guarantees over 2,000 mating cycles. The efficient plastic connector is available both with user-friendly Push-Pull locking and the easy-to-release Break-Away function, which comes as a premolded plug & play solution.
Thermoelectric Coolers Thermoelectric Coolers for Medical Devices Thermoelectric Coolers
To ensure precise temperature control for laboratory centrifuge applications, active Peltier coolers and assemblies are the ideal thermal management solution. Compared to compressor based technologies, Peltier cooling is more efficient, cost-effective and reliable.
Medical Thermoelectric Assemblies Thermoelectric Assemblies for Medical Devices Medical Thermoelectric Assemblies
Designed for medical diagnostic equipment and analytical instrumentation, the Tunnel Series of thermoelectric cooler assemblies utilizes a patented, high-performance cross flow technology that maximizes heat transfer when pulling air through a heat exchanger. It offers dependable, compact performance by cooling objects via convection. The heat pumping action is generated by thermoelectric modules, which are custom designed to achieve a high coefficient of performance (COP) to minimize power consumption.
Medical Displays Medical Displays Medical Displays
If you are looking for medial displays for ventilator, ear/forehead thermometer that can fit into your applications, we can help. We have a wide range of standard items of STN/TFT/OLED display modules are available to choose. We are here to help in supporting to supply displays for medical equipments.