Heatsinks & Cooling


MechaTronixMechatronix in Taiwan is a versatile supplier, specialised in the development and production of plastic and metal components for use in the field of industrial electronics, which also provides assembly services. In its first five years of operation, Mechatronix has built up an extensive portfolio of production and processing techniques and is, thus, a valuable partner in customisation and customer-specific solutions.

Whether it concerns the injection moulding of plastics, or the folding, welding, laser cutting, stamping, punching, turning, or milling of steel, or the die casting, forging, and extrusion of light metals such as aluminum, MechaTronix can do it. Additionally Mechatronix offers a great number of opportunities for the personalisation of plastic and metal housings and components, such as in the colouring, screen, lettering, and more. And finally this Taiwanese firm can help with the assembly of electro-mechanical applications.

Products and services

  • LED lighting & applications
  • Medical equipment
  • Power systems
  • Graphic machines
  • Access control and security
  • Machine Builders
  • Vending machines
  • Telecom & Broadcasting
  • Design houses
  • OEM builders

MechaTronix has taken a strong position in the fast growing and evolving LED market. With its own product lines such as a complete series of ‘round pin fin’ heat sinks in highly thermally conductive aluminum, MechaTronix offers affordable, flexible, and high-quality cooling solutions for a variety of LED applications, including industrial applications. On the international Light & Building trade fair in April of 2012, MechaTronix presented its new series STAR heat sinks, which can be an integral and impressive part of existing fixtures or fixtures being developed.

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