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Laird Thermal Systems

Laird Thermal Systems

With Laird Performance Materials and Laird Thermal Systems, Telerex can rely on these global partners. Customers around the world solve heat, EMI and compliance challenges with products from Laird Performance Materials and Laird Thermal Systems is the preferred thermal management solutions supplier by major manufacturers of laser, analytical, instrumentation, medical imaging, clinical diagnostics and telecom equipment. With Laird, optimized designs for highly reliable performance are delivered in smaller form factors that weigh less and require less power.

Laird products for electronics cooling

  • Thermal Interface Materials (TIM)
    • Thermisch conductive pastes
    • Phase Change Materials
    • Electrically insulating materials with excellent thermal conductive specs
    • Gap fillers
    • Thermally conductive PCB materials
  • Thermo-Electric Materials (TEM), or so-called ‘Peltier’ elements
  • Thermo-Electric Assemblies (TEA)
  • Liquid Cooling Systems (LCS)
  • Temperature Controllers

Laird has a large number of design centres around the world, where engineering teams develop high efficiency thermal materials and solutions. In addition to a wide range of traditional thermal pads, Laird also produces advanced phase-rotating thermal interface materials that soften at operating temperature to form to the shape of the component or housing, which results in a dramatically higher amount of heat extraction and better system performance.

Laird not only produces thermo-electric modules, but these can also be incorporated into an assembly. Laird offers the user a wide range of services during the design-in process and Telerex has with Laird a single source for complete thermal systems, with thermo-electric modules, thermal interface materials, heat sinks, housings, fans, and other components.

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