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Laird Tflex SF10

Laird Tflex SF10

Boost thermal performance with silicone-free gap filler

Tflex™ SF10 is an innovative, high performing thermal material in Laird’s gap filler portfolio. This silicone-free, game-changing gap filler offering 10 W/m-K thermal conductivity and with properties aimed on eliminating stress on fragile components.

Tflex SF10 is a soft, non-silicone gap filler that offers superior thermal performance for applications across industries, including consumer electronics, industrial and telecom.

Reduce pressure on components

Extremely soft with excellent deflection properties, Tflex SF10 puts minimal pressure on components. Features and benefits of the gap filler include:

  • Non-silicone formulation
  • Low shore hardness
  • Low pressure versus deflection
  • Low relaxation pressure, minimizes board and component stress
  • No fiberglass reinforcement
  • Excellent surface wetting for low contact resistance
  • Exceptionally low thermal resistance
  • Environmentally friendly solution that meets regulatory requirements including RoHS and REACH
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