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Kitagawa GmbH, part of the globally operating Kitagawa Group, headquartered in Inazawa (Japan), is a specialist in the field of Thermal and EMC products for the European market. They offer high-quality, innovative products for a wide variety of applications in the following areas: Automotive, machine tools, new energies, devices for medical diagnostics, household appliances, mobile devices and many other areas.

EMC products Kitagawa

EMC Products

Through their wide range of products in the areas of grounding, shielding and filtering, Kitagawa provides in addition to soft ferrite cores, conductive soft gaskets, self-adhesive EMC absorber sheets, flexible ferrite sheets for shielding interference in the RFID and NFC sector and many other EMC solutions. Telerex is not only supplying their standard products, but we are also offering the option of supplying customer-specified special parts.

Thermal Products

thermal products kitagawaIn the field of thermal conduction management, Kitagawa GmbH offers you a variety of high-performance product solutions, which have been developed and tested in their main production facility in Japan.

For use at high operating temperatures, Kitagawa offers solutions for heat dissipation of electronic assemblies or individual components with our silicone-based as well as silicone-free thermal pads. In particular, their silicone-free product solutions contribute to the protection of components through their reduced siloxane outgassing. In addition Kitagawa offers both ultra-thin thermal pads and high-performance thermal
conductive films for use in low spacing conditions.

They also offer ceramic-based heat sinks with excellent insulation properties. All products in the field of thermal conduction management are available in different material thicknesses and cuts. Furthermore Kitagawa also offers you the possibility to receive customer-specific cuts. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.