Industrial printers

Custom Kiosk printer

The increasing automation of public applications, sales points and industrial applications means that personal interaction is increasingly replaced by electronic transactions. Usually a printed receipt, ticket or voucher is issued as proof of the transaction, payment, or registration.

Telerex has a wide range of thermal printer solutions, such as kiosk printers, POS (Point-Of-Sales) printers, ticket printers, A4 printers, related OEM printers and mechanisms. From a simple installation mechanism to a comprehensive total solution with automatic cutting modules, paper rolls, and even customer-specific firmware: the right printing solution is available for every application.

Printer possibilities

Custom Printer Mechanism
  • Printer mechanism
  • Kiosk printers
  • POS (Point-of-Sales) printers
  • Ticket printers
  • Panel assembly printers
  • Mobile printers
  • Accessories
  • RFID & Barcode Reading

Printer mechanism

Telerex supplies, for those applications which do not require more, "barebone" printer mechanisms, the actual core of the kiosk printer, with and without cutting modules, paper rolls or mounting frames. The operating system is available as a separate PCB with the appropriate driver.

Kiosk printers

For every kiosk the right built-in printer. The printer mechanisms are available for various media formats and can be extended with cutting modules, systems for retrieving the receipt or ticket after a given period of time, different media carriers, presenter mechanisms, and much more. If needed, custom configuration can be supplied for your application.

Custom front bezel printer

Panel assembly printers

For installation inside machinery and public applications, Telerex can provide a wide range of panel printers to be installed behind the front panel. A long service life, and subsequent service are, of course important, and they are resistant to errors.

Mobile printers

Thermal printers are, of course, highly suitable to numerous mobile applications. The compact design, low power consumption and resistance to various environmental factors such as temperature, moisture, dust and shocks make them ideal for portable equipment.

Ticket & POS (point-of-sale) printers

Telerex supplies a number of lines of ticket and POS ticket printers for printing tickets and receipts. Stand-alone or built-in, there is the right printer for every application.

Printer applications

Custom POS printer
  • Payment terminals
  • Multimedia kiosks
  • POS applications
  • Access control
  • Parking systems
  • Waybills
  • Parking systems
  • Medical devices
  • Retail solutions
  • Vending machines
  • Identification
  • Mobile monitoring equipment
  • Portable ticket dispensers

Accessories & peripherals

Telerex supplies a complementary range of accessories and peripherals for your thermal printer. From power supplies to wall brackets and carrier bags to special solutions for installation or expansion. Due to the tremendous growth in public access applications and in the automation of access systems, hospitality and vending, the compact thermal printer is highly popular and Telerex offers all accessories, such as:

  • Power supplies
  • Wall consoles
  • Carrier bags