Industrial keyboard

Industrial Keyboards

Industrial Numpads

The interface between man and electronics is often in the form of a keyboard or keypad. For the operation of equipment or for the input of data, control through mechanical or membrane keys is often highly practical and error-free. Telerex supplies a wide variety of keyboards for professional use. From vandalism-resistant stainless steel keyboards to membrane keyboards that are fixed onto a housing.

Keyboard applications

  • Kiosk solutions
  • Vending machines
  • Identification & access management
  • Shipping

Professional keyboards

Telerex also supplies a complete range of mechanical keyboards for a wide range of applications. From compact keyboards with or without backlighting to heavy-duty, vandalism-resistant stainless steel keyboards for outdoor applications. This type of keyboard is particularly suited to vandalism-sensitive public places or in rough industrial applications.

Keyboard variations

Industrial numpads
  • Compact keyboards
  • Backlighted keyboards
  • Dust & splash-proof
  • With an integrated finger mouse
  • Drawers and drawer keyboards
  • Silicon-based keyboards
  • Stainless steel vandalism-resistant keyboards
  • Keyboards with stainless steel tracker ball
  • IP65 waterproof keyboards

Membrane keyboards

These keyboards can be fixed onto a loose plate, or on the front panel of an existing housing. There is no mechanical transmission; instead commands are transmitted through pressure-sensitive film. The underlying electronics can also be supplied. Very flexible and attractive, because the keyboard can be supplied in client-specific colours or designs, so that they fit exactly with the user requirements and the house style.

Industrial Foil keyboard