EMI Shielding

High & Low Corporation

High & Low Corporation

High & Low is a supplier of EMI and RFI filtering solutions. With headquarters in Taiwan and production facilities in China, High & Low is perfectly positioned for the development and production of affordable high-quality filters. High & Low combines engineering expertise with award-winning technologies, and provides the customer and end user a product range of high quality, prompt delivery, and competitive prices.

High & Low's corporate culture and working methods has resulted in the worldwide distribution and application of their products. The customer is central to the development of products and the design of business processes. High & Low has, thus, proven to be a valuable and reliable partner for Telerex. With a product range that spans from IEC inlet filters and power entry modules to single and 3 phase EMI filters and medical EMI filters, High & Low always has the right solution for MEI or RFIO shielding in equipment or applications. To even better serve the R&D engineer, the Taiwanese manufacturer also develops customised and client-specific solutions.

High & Low filter products

  • IEC Inlet Filters
  • Power Entry Modules
  • Single Phase EMI Filters
  • 3 Phase EMI Filters
  • Home Appliance EMI Filters
  • Medical EMI Filters
  • Customized

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