Computer Automation

General I/O

Hilscher General /O

For connection to all types of data sources, networks, and peripherals, we offer a wide range of I/O interface modules and cards from Kontron and RTD.


  • GSM/3G/GSM-R
  • GPS
  • WLAN
  • Video controllers
  • Frame Grabber
  • PC/104 Power Supplies
  • DSP modules
  • Data acquisition
  • Motion Controllers

General I/O products

  • Interface cards; PCI, PCIe, PC/104, cPCI, etc
  • I/O-boxes; Serial, USB, LAN, Fieldbus, etc
  • Converters

Extra I/O and Storage through the mPCIe Slot

We also offer a complete range of mPCIe expansion modules for additional I/O and storage, amongst which mPCIe expansion cards for SATIII, USB 3.0, VGS, DVI, HDMI and multiple RS-232/422/485 ports. These cards are the ideal solution for adding a hefty dose connectivity to compact boards, through the mPCIe slot.