EV Connectors

EV Connector

With the market share of electric vehicles steadily waxing, the demand for special connectors for loading bays and such is growing too. Telerex has a range of products for builders of applications in this field, such as charging connectors and cable assemblies for electric vehicles. We offer EV charging connectors in several different industry standard formats, amongst which are Type 1 for the USA, meeting SAE J1772 standards and Type2 for the European market, in compliance with IEC 62196-2.

Different charging systems

  • Single-phase charging up to 3KW, is 16A at 220VAC
  • Single- or three phase load to a maximum of 20 KW, 80A at 204 - 240V
  • DC load from three phase, with a maximum of 240KW and a maximum voltage of 600VDC