EMI Shielding

EMI Shielding Manufacturers

Electronic circuits produce electromagnetic radiation and therefore require shielding, filtering and/or absorption. At Telerex you will find enclosure shields, seals (gaskets), filters and filtered connectors and absorbers from Laird Performance Materials, Schaffner, Spectrum Control, Kitagawa and High & Low.

Laird Performance Materials Laird Performance Materials
Laird is a global player in the field of thermal management, electromagnetic shielding, antenna products, wireless and RFID products. For the electromagnetic shielding of electronic applications and components Laird offers a wide range of products and solutions, from traditional Be-Cu conductive gaskets to elastomers of Fabric-over-Foam.
Schaffner Schaffner

Our modern society is becoming increasingly digitalized and electrified. Everything – from the smallest device to the largest system – depends on smart technology to function reliably and efficiently.

All these technologies and solutions are ideas brought to life by innovative minds. But these inventions can be affected by electromagnetic interferences.

Spectrum Control, Inc. Spectrum Control, Inc.
With Spectrum Control, Inc. we have a leading manufacturer of EMI product solutions as a partner. Spectrum Control, Inc. has built up a comprehensive package of products that range from filters, ceramics, film modules, and antenna assemblies to filtered connectors for audio, USB, D-Sub, and more.
Kitagawa Kitagawa

Kitagawa GmbH, part of the globally operating Kitagawa Group, is a specialist in the field of Thermal and EMC products for the European market. They offer high-quality, innovative products for a wide variety of applications.

High & Low Corporation High & Low Corporation
High & Low is a supplier of EMI and RFI filtering solutions. With headquarters in Taiwan and production facilities in China, High & Low is perfectly positioned for the development and production of affordable high-quality filters. High & Low combines engineering expertise with award-winning technologies, and provides the customer and end user a product range of high quality, prompt delivery, and competitive prices.