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API EMI Shielded Connectors

Entry and exit points for power and signal are sources of interference in an electric or electronic application or appliance. Signal inputs are ultra-sensitive and pick up hum or high-frequency interference, while the same applies to the outputs of delicate equipment. Power in and outputs, on the other hand, are notorious interference sources and unchecked, can produce an enormous amount of EMI radiation, thereby disrupting the actual signal or processes.

Telerex offers a wide variety of EMI filtered connectors and power entry components for this problem, pulling from our long experience with EMI shielding solutions. Whether it be I/O connectors such as D-sub, Jack, DIN, USB, audio, video and data connectors, or PCB terminal blocks for AC and DC power and control connections, Telerex delivers! Within our range, you can select from numerous price and quality categories, matching your exact needs and budget.

API EMC Connectors

Overview of filtered connections

  • Barrier Strip Filtered Terminal Blocks
  • PCB Mount Filtered Terminal Blocks
  • Chip-Cap Filtered Connectors
  • Ferrite Filtered Connectors
  • Low Profile Filtered Connectors
  • High-Performance Filtered Connectors
  • ESD/EFT Transient Protected Connectors
  • Filtered Combo D-Subs
  • High Density Filtered Connector
  • Filtered Mod Jacks
  • Filtered Mini DIN
  • Filtered USB
  • Filtered Miniature Ribbon Connectors

Applications for filtered connectors

  • Computers and servers
  • Telecommunications and Broadcasting
  • Medical sector
  • Power Generation
  • Industrial applications
  • Broadband/cable TV
  • HVAC
  • Military applications