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There is a ceramic feed trough capacitor inside any EMI filter. With Spectrum Control as one of its suppliers for years, Telerex can offer a wide range of ceramic capacitors for various filter applications. Spectrum controls the entire production process, from the basic raw materials to the final finish. In combination with the knowledge built up over the years and advanced production and testing equipment, Spectrum can design and produce any ceramic component.

Ceramic components are selected for their resistance to high temperatures and a long service life. They are neither polar nor toxic, do not suffer from current leakages, and can withstand particularly intense warming or cooling.

Overview of ceramic components

Structural ceramics

  • Produced by pressing, extrusion and tape casting
  • Standard ceramic moulds for mechanical and electrical requirements
  • Potential for production of complex geometric shapes
  • Design possibilities in SolidWorks, Pre/E, and Autocad

Capacitor Arrays

  • Stronger performance in applications with high a current/voltage
  • Parallel design makes possible the combination of high capacity with a low ESR
  • The series design allows for high voltages with strict tolerances
  • With custom design, you can make the desired component via a combination of series and parallel switches.

Planar capacitors

  • Low profile
  • Reduced installation time
  • Standard designs for MIL spec rounded and D-Sub connectors

Discoidal capacitors

  • Low induction
  • Non-polar
  • Filtering and decoupling of high-frequency applications
  • Reliable, low profile, multi-layer designs

Tubular capacitors

  • Used alongside EMI filtering and multi-pin connectors
  • Small, light, reliable, and with strong dielectrics
  • Uniform insertion loss over a wide frequency range
  • Feed-through and PI configuration available
  • Various manufacturing methods

Ceramic component applications

  • Electronic/Telecommunications: insulators, wave guides, high voltage parts, Filters
  • Chemical/ Fluid Handling: valves, high pressure seals
  • Aerospace/Military: lightweight, wear resistant components, high-performance filtering
  • Medical: inert, miniature components for implantable devices
  • Industrial: tubes, rods, beads, bushings
Film Capacitors

Film capacitors

A film capacitor is composed of a polyester film, known as dielectric material, with on one side a metal oxide. The long film is wound up, and tin-plated wires are electrically connected to the metal surface at the end of the capacitor winding. The whole device is covered with an epoxy coating. Film capacitors from Spectrum Control are manufactured by using a dry production process, which helps prevent the formation of harmful electrolytes. The housing may consist of metal or plastic in a cylindrical, flat or modular shape.

Film capacitor applications

  • Filters
  • Noise suppression
  • Pulse logic
  • Timing circuit
  • DC blocking
  • Bypassing
  • Signal coupling

Film capacitor features

  • Segmented
  • Self-healing
  • Low ESR and ESL
  • Compact design
  • Cost-efficient
  • Voltage of up to 20,000V depending on the dialectrics selected
  • Temperature range from -55 to +125°
  • Capacity of 0.1-100?F

Film capacitor application areas

  • Renewable energy inverters—solar converters, wind turbines and fuel cells
  • Electric vehicle power conversion and battery chargers
  • Aircraft power conversion systems
  • Radar systems, laser pulse power
  • Industrial welders, elevators, rail traction drives
  • High voltage power supplies, switching power supplies
  • Medical imaging equipment, defibrillators