EMI Shielding

EMC Shielding Windows & Vents Panels

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By designing a product it’s almost impossible to avoid openings, for example a connector, window, fan, … Such required holes are all potential EMI issues, therefore the openings must be as small as possible and/or there must be good elelctrical contacts between the different parts. We offer several shielded window solutions and the same for shielded ventilation panels, both are available in a wide array of materials, platings and mounting configurations. Mostly custom designs are needed, our engineering staff helps construct efficiencies in performance, cost and manufacturability from the very beginning stages of the application.

Windows & Panels

  • Shielded Windows
  • Shielded Acrylic Windows
  • ElectroVent Shielding Ventilation Panels
  • MaxAir™ Vent Panels
  • Electro-Air EMI/Dust Filtration Panels
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