EMI Shielding

Elastomeric EMI Shielding

Elastomeric EMI Shielding

Within this product category, our line of Electro-Seal conductive elastomers deliver both environmental sealing and EMI shielding in one product. Compounds can be supplied in moulded or extruded shapes, sheet stock, custom-extruded or die-cut shapes to meet a wide variety of military and commercial applications. Electro-Seal conductive elastomers provide shielding effectiveness up to 120dB at 10GHz. Also several compounds are available to do your own machined Form-In-Place gasket.

Product Variations

  • Conductive elastomer material
  • Conductive elastomer extrusions
  • Coextrusions
  • Automated form-in-place
  • Mold-in-place printed PCB shielding
  • Specialty products
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