EMI Shielding

Board Level Shielding

Laird Two-Piece EMC Can

The complexities of today's electronics pose several design challenges. Resolving EMI needs to be balanced with space, weight and production restraints. When designing a custom shielding solution, beginning in the earliest stages of the application design allows effective elimination of EMI while meeting all specifications. SMD-contacts could help to make your groundings, board level shields will minimize crosstalk and susceptibility to EMI, and therefore maximise performance and reliability in ever-smaller form factors. Our board level shielding experts work through all phases of development. From design, rapid prototyping and pre-production through production and automated packaging, We have the experience to help speed a product to market and stay within budget. By integrating quality processes, board level shield quality and performance is ensured from design stage through final packaging. One process is the automated co-planarity inspection system. EMC-cans can also be combined with thermal interfaces and microwave absorber products, this will lead to multiple product advantages.

PCB Shielding Products

  • Standard Surface Mount
  • One-Piece Shields
  • Two-Piece Shields
  • Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Possible Thermal Interface
Laird Board Level Shielding