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A good design takes into account factors such as the temperature and electromagnetic radiation, but sometimes the use of extra tools is inevitable. Specifically for cases in which an application, device or machine needs to be equipped with additional EMI shielding, Telerex has a wide range of shielding aids, such as gaskets, finger strips and contacts, integrated EMI sealants, wire mesh solutions, fabrics, and tapes. With our production partner in Taiwan, Mechatronix, we can even offer customised mechanical parts or housings with integrated shielding.


Telerex’s shielding products are used in a wide variety of areas, including in medical and military applications, in the automotive industry, for telecom products, for displays and much more.

Standard & customised

We have many standard shielding products for your application, but can also provide client-specific adaptations, configurations or complete customisations.


EMC Products

  • Board level components such as SMD contacts & EMC cans
  • Fabric-over-foam gaskets
  • Finger strips and contacts
  • IP67 and EMC integrated sealings
  • Wire mesh solutions
  • Fabrics and tapes
  • Microwave absorbers (up to 40GHz)
  • Windows
  • Air vent panels
EMC Shielding PCB Components EMC Shielding PCB Components
  • Standard Surface Mount
  • One-Piece Shields
  • Two-Piece Shields
  • Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Possible Thermal Interface
Fabric Over Foam EMC Shielding Fabric Over Foam EMC Shielding
  • Fabric-Over-Foam
  • Conductive Foam
  • Conductive Fabric
  • Conductive Tape
  • I/O Shielding Gaskets
  • Variable Profiles
Metal Finger Strips Metal Finger Strips
  • Slot Mount Serie
  • Dual Slot Series
  • Compact PCI Symmetrical Mount
  • Alternate Slot Series
  • Variable Slot Mount
  • No Snag Gasket
EMC Shielding Sealings EMC Shielding Sealings
  • Conductive elastomer material
  • Conductive elastomer extrusions
  • Coextrusions
  • Automated form-in-place
  • Mold-in-place printed PCB shielding
  • Specialty products
Wire Mesh & Knitted Gaskets Wire Mesh & Knitted Gaskets
  • Clips, Washer etc.
  • Elastomer Core Mesh Gasketing
  • Electromesh Tape
  • Electronit All Mesh EMI Gasketing
  • Ultraflex Electronit Beryllium Copper Knitted Wire Shielding
Microwave Absorbers & Dielectrics Microwave Absorbers & Dielectrics
  • Low Loss Dielectrics
  • Microwave Absorbing Elastomers & Films
  • Cavity Resonance & Surface Wave Absorbers
  • Nearfield
  • Broadband Free Space Absorbers
  • Narrowband Free Space Absorbers
EMC Shielding Windows & Air Vents EMC Shielding Windows & Air Vents
  • Shielded Windows
  • Shielded Acrylic Windows
  • ElectroVent Shielding Ventilation Panels
  • MaxAir™ Vent Panels
  • Electro-Air EMI/Dust Filtration Panels
EMI Ferrites EMI Ferrites
  • Ferrite common mode chokes
  • Ferrite chip inductors
  • SMD power inductors
  • Ferrite disks & plates
  • Ferrite beads on wire
  • Ferrite toroids
EMI Inductors EMI Inductors
  • RFID products
  • Current sensors
  • Industors & chokes
  • Power transformers
  • Hall effect sensors
  • Radial chokes
EMI Filtered Connectors EMI Filtered Connectors
  • Barrier strip filtered terminals
  • PCB mount filtered terminal
  • Chip-cap filtered connectors
  • Filtered combo D-Subs
  • Filtered mini DIN
  • Filtered USB
EMI Filters & Inlets EMI Filters & Inlets
  • Power entry modules
  • Single & triple phase filters
  • DV/DT output filters
  • Feedthrough filters
  • Output ferrites
  • Surface mount power filters
EMI Capacitors EMI Capacitors
  • Structural ceramics
  • Capacitor arrays
  • Planar capacitors
  • Discoidal capacitors
  • Tubular capacitors
  • Film capacitors