Client-specific Connectors

Maatwerk connectors

Telerex has collaborated for many years with a number of leading manufacturers and its own private production partner in Taiwan—MechaTronix. Customisation and client-specific modifications for standard connectors are, therefore, the rule rather than the exception for us. Depending on your needs, we can carry out anything for you, ranging from small adjustments on connectors to completely new developments, since we have all of the necessary in-house production processes.

Whether it concerns a non-standard AWG value for connecting a cable, a specific plating on the contacts, or a non-standard configuration or new insert, Telerex can make it happen. Here, we can fall back on to production methods such as the turning, milling or punching contacts, the injection moulding or milling of housing and inserts, and the turning or die casting of metal housings. And all of this according to your quality and quantity specifications, and always at a competitive price.

ODU maatwerk

Customisation for connectors

  • synthetic casings and inserts: injection moulding, milling
  • Metal casing: die-cast, turned
  • Contacts: turned, milled, punched