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Crane interpoint

Crane Interpoint

Crane Interpoint is the power branch of Crane Aerospace & Electronics and the company largely focuses, as the name suggests, on electronic products and developments for the aerospace industry. However, Crane Interpoint also makes DC/DC converters for military applications for the army, air force, and navy.

Crane Aerospace & Electronics products are known for their robust technology, proven reliability, and innovative solutions, from engineering and design to manufacturing. All Crane companies are ISO 9001 or even AS9100 certified and Crane products are found in highly important applications such as the Mars Rover, commercial aviation, implantable devices, missiles, and fighter planes. Crane Interpoint has proven for years that it can deliver the quality essential for these types of applications.

Crane Interpoint application areas

  • Air & Space
  • Army
  • Air force
  • Navy

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