Heatsinks & Cooling

ATS - Advanced Thermal SolutionsATS

Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS) is an advanced technology partner for the development and production of electronics cooling. ATS, founded in the USA in 1989, has in recent years developed complete solutions for thermal issues and is world famous for its portfolio of more than 5000 heat sink solutions, high-quality testing equipment, and market leading product development.

ATS started as an engineering company for thermal management, but in 2003 opened the doors of its own production facility in the USA, a European headquarters in the Netherlands, and began developing lasting ties with several leading Asian producers. Along with the growth of its clientele, ATS expanded its product range with fan trays for 19" rack mounting, liquid coolers, cooling, and next generation thermal test equipment.

ATS products and services

  • BGA heat sinks
  • LGA heat sinks
  • LED coolers
  • Extrusion profiles
  • Testing & measuring equipment
  • Wind tunnels

In recent years, ATS has become a knowledgeable partner with a high added value for cooling and assemblies. ATS not only supplies cost-effective, high-quality products, but also the appropriate specialist for tests, analyses, pre-compliance testing, and thermal consultancy. With state-of-the-art testing laboratories and special software, ATS can guide any design-in process and offer significant savings in the development costs of a project