Competence center
competence center

Assembly & configuration

Part of the all new Eight Lakes group headquarters is a very well appointed Competence Centre, in which we offer several services as added value to our product ranges. As part of our Computer Solutions branch, we assemble, test and burn-in Built to Order computer systems (1.500 pcs p/Y), offer thermal consultancy services, maintain an EMI validation service and lab and house an engineering facility (SolidWorks).

Built to Order Systems

With Build-to-Order Systems, we mean exactly what the label suggests. Computer systems custom-built specifically for you, with full freedom of choice in terms of the platform, implementation, housing and expandability options. Are you a designer or builder of automated applications, but would you rather not be involved in the construction of the required computers? Then we have the answer to your needs. Telerex can build your house brand systems for you!

EMI Services & Lab

With electricity comes Electro Magnetic Interference. Most applications, machines or even components will eventually need some kind of shielding, either to protect them from EMI or the prevent them from transmitting it. At Telerex, we like to help you along as for as we can, so maintaining an EMC lab and services makes good sense. We offer pre-compliancy and validation testing, as well as the opportunity to rapidly check prototype products on EMC. Thus, we help you getting your product to market sooner, better and more economically.

Engineering Facility

Apart from our own fabrication and production facilities at MechaTronix in Taiwan, we maintain an engineering facility as part of our Competence Centre. Here, we can assist you in developing and prototyping assemblies, enclosures or components in function of you application. Using the industry standard SolidWorks 3D modelling software, we save massively on development time and time-to-market, not mentioning money.