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Advanced Line

telerex advanced line

So you expect more from your computer systems? Robust enclosure, more longevity, blistering graphic performances? No problem! That’s what we created the Advanced Line for! And there’s more! The Advanced Line offers extra I/O connectivity, redundancy and comes with an extended warranty, perfectly tailored to your needs. With the Advanced Line comes an extensive package of lifetime support, which makes it ultimately suited for demanding industrial applications and deployment in system-critical situations. The Advanced Line won’t let you down.

Do you expect more from your computer? A robust housing, extended longevity, impressive graphics, additional I/O options, redundancy, or a guaranteed longer system service life? The Advanced Line offers these features and is accompanied by lifetime support and assistance. The Advanced Line is the right solution for industrial applications, heavy-duty applications, and system critical functions.

Advanced Line

Features Advanced Line Computers

  • Lifetime support
  • Industrial applications
  • Redundancy support
  • Advanced cooling concept
  • Advanced I/O options