Heatsinks & Cooling



Adda is a global player in the field of thermal management. This Taiwanese manufacturer of fans and accessories was founded in 1978 and has built up a wide repertoire of thermal products over the years, and year after year multiple of these products have won the Taiwanese "Award of Excellence". AddA now has production facilities on two continents and supports customers and users through a worldwide service and support network.

Within the electronic cooling market, AddA has built up a solid reputation as an innovative and high-quality partner. The AddA product range includes CPU coolers, blowers, smart fans, and axial fans for both AC and DC. AddA also supplies composite products such as fan-heat sink assemblies and LED coolers, or customised products such as waterproof fans for special applications.


Adda Fan Variations

  • AC fans
  • DC fans
  • Blowers
  • Waterproof fans
  • DC chip coolers
  • Fan-heat sink assemblies
  • OSmart AC fans
  • LED coolers

With such a wide product range, it is hardly surprising that ADDA’s products are found in a wide variety of applications and fields. ADDA has won many awards for its groundbreaking design-in CPU and VGA coolers, supplies special fans for LED cooling, fan-heat sink assemblies for the automotive and telecommunications industries, and special coolers and heat pipe assemblies for integration into notebooks, iMac, and office machines.

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