2 MOPP & 2 MOOP with ODU

19 February 2019

THE IEC 60601-1; Maximum patient and operator protection

The IEC 60601-1 states maximum requirements concerning the protection from electric shock for medical applications in which patients and operators can get into direct contact with electrical equipment and systems. In order to reduce risks to a minimum, manufacturers must integrate two means of protection in their products.

For this purpose, they can either implement two separate measures or apply a single measure twice. Overall the specified protection level 2 MOPP (means of patient protection) or 2 MOOP (means of operator protection) must be obtained. In addition, manufacturers must introduce a management process in which they not only investigate all protection-relevant aspects, but also document the results in detail. Due to these reasons the approval procedures for medical electrical equipment and systems have recently become even more complex than they already were prior to the effective release of the latest version of the IEC 60601-1.

ODU Medi Snap

ODU MEDI-SNAP® RECEPTACLES compliant with IEC 60601-1 regarding protection from electrical shock

The plastic circular connector portfolio of the ODU MEDI-SNAP® series includes over ten different receptacles which can be installed in the medical equipment and systems. Due to reinforcements in the mating area, five of these receptacles already fulfil the requirements in mated condition for the highest level of patient and operator protection of 2 MOPP and 2 MOOP in accordance with the IEC 60601-1. These receptacles achieve 2 MOOP in ambience with pollution degree 3. The other eight receptacles and in-line receptacles provide one means of protection for patients (1 MOPP) and further achieve 2 MOOP in ambience with pollution degree 2.

If receptacles and in-line receptacles with only 1 MOOP & 1 MOPP are used in equipment and systems, for example together with power supplies which themselves have a 1 MOOP or 1 MOPP installed in them, the medical end device then reaches as a whole 2 MOPP and 2 MOOP.

ODU MEDI-SNAP® PIN LAYOUTS compliant to IEC 60601-1 accordingly protection from electrical shock

Receptacle interfaces are decisive for the end device manufacturer when developing a new product. For further connections the ODU MEDI-SNAP® series also includes specialized connectors with modified insulation body designs which are capable to achieve 2 MOPP and 2 MOOP as a stand-alone version independent of the receptacle design.

Next to the standard portfolio, customer-specific solutions by ODU always offer the possibility to use additional adaptations such as insulating collars, an asymmetrical layout of the contacts, insulating sleeves and much more.

Product details of ODU Medi Snap Compliant with IEC60601-1