Display & Touchscreen Manufacturers

Telerex supplies displays and touch screen technology from a number of leading manufacturers such as Winstar, Zytronic, Powertip, FDT, and Chilin. The possible applications are endless, from character LCDs for portable measuring equipment to large-size Digital Signage TFT screens and from OLED displays for in dashboards to touch screens for information kiosks.

Yeebo Display Yeebo Display
Yeebo Group was established in 1988, and principally has been engaging in developing, manufacturing and marketing of high quality Monochrome LCD and LCD Modules. Yeebo’s products have a strong global presence in key electronic market sectors including Automotive indumenta, Telecommunications, Medical equipment and Electronic consumable products such as Audio, White products, Watches and Electronic notebooks.
Powertip Powertip
With more than 3,300 employees in production and engineering and with factories in China and Taiwan, Powertip is a leader in LCD displays. Founded in 1991, Powertip now has more than 90,000 m2 of production space and can therefore effortlessly respond to all issues and developments in the market for a wide range of LCD technologies and applications.
Winstar Winstar
Winstar Co. Ltd, established in 1998, has enjoyed steady growth over the past 14 years and has grown into a major manufacturer of display solutions for electronic applications. Winstar has factories in Taiwan and China and produces 200,000 LCD modules, LCD panels, OLEDs, TFT displays, and E-Papers every month.
Zytronic Zytronic
With Zytronic, Telerex can offer products from an innovative and leading manufacturer of touch technology. Zytronic has three modern manufacturing facilities in Blaydon upon Tyne in England, where a complete range of interactive projected capacitive touch products are manufactured.
MicroTouch MicroTouch
Driven by a history and culture of innovation, MicroTouch is a global leader in the touch solutions market, offering a broad product mix of components, monitors and touch computers, with the highest efficiency and flexibility in the industry via regional engineering, local customer support and global warehousing capabilities. 

DKE is one of the world’s market leader and a well-known brand for e-paper displays. Since 2010, DKE is developing and producing EPDs. The e-paper display sizes range from 1.49” up to 13.3”.

In 2003, DWIN was founded at Zhongguancun in Beijing, the "China’s Silicon Valley". DWIN has grown at an average annual rate of 65%. The company has also set up regional marketing and application support centers at Beijing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Changsha, Guangzhou and Shenzhen in China as well as overseas countries such as India, Poland, Brazil and the United States, providing services for customers all over the world.
Visionox Visionox

Visionox is one of China's mainland key display manufacturers, established on the foundation of Organic Light Emitting Display (OLED) technology, in very close partnership with Tsinghua University. Over the last years, Visionox has welcomed some major investments to increase and speed up the development efforts and production of PMOLED and AMOLED displays, resulting in a strong market position and comprehensive product offering.

Hoffmann + Krippner Hoffmann + Krippner
Experience since 1973. We are experts in custom input systems and printed electronics. In addition, we connect sensor applications and operating elements to the Internet for you and create future-oriented devices for your smart industrial application. As a medium-sized family business, we combine traditional manufacturing processes with innovative future technologies.