ODU Waterproof connector

Waterproof connector

Within Telerex’s collection of connectors, there are also multiple waterproof types designed for special applications. For applications outdoor, underwater, or applications such as autoclaves that are cleaned by steaming, there are a wide variety of waterproof connectors useable from the routine transmission of currents or signals, to strong current or high voltage, coax, air, fibre, RJ45, USB, HDMI, field bus, or liquids.

The extent to which a connector must be waterproof is described in the EN 60529 standards. This describes all density levels from IP64 splash water and IP65 spray water to IP69 (K) pressure water requirements according to specified load and time. This standard plays a highly significant role in demanding target markets such as the medical and military sectors, and the automotive industry.

Singatron Waterproof connector

Waterproof connectors and IP gradations

  • IP64 - watertight
  • IP 65 - waterproof spray
  • IP67 - watertight under specified immersion and time
  • IP 68 - waterproof specified pressure and immersion time
  • IP 69 (K) - waterproof pressure in combination with specific temperature requirements for, inter alia, military and the automotive industry