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ODU is one of the world’s leading connector systems suppliers and employs about 1,650 people around the world. Aside from the company headquarters at Mühldorf am Inn, the ODU Group has also an international production and distribution network in Europe, North America and Asia. ODU combines all relevant areas of competence and key technologies relating to design and development, machine tool and special machine construction, injection, stamping, turning, surface technology, assembly and cable assembly.

The ODU group sells its products around the world and has an international distribution network. This includes seven sales companies in Denmark, England, France, Italy, Sweden, the USA and China, as well as numerous worldwide sales partners. Connections from ODU ensure reliable transmission of power, signals, data and media in numerous demanding application areas: in future-oriented growth markets such as medical technology, military and security technology, and energy, as well as in established sectors such as industrial electronics, measurement and testing, and automotive technology.

ODU is constantly focussing on innovations to be able to offer the best connections in the market. They publish the ODU Steckverbinder to keep you updated with all ODU's digital solutions. In addition they present their upcoming product innovations. Would you like to know the latest ODU developments?

Download here the latest ODU Steckverbinder (spring 2021)

ODU develops and manufactures connector solutions for perfect connections worldwide

From magnetic resonance tomography to kitchen applications or submarine use: The connector systems provided by ODU create perfect electrical connections for challenging applications around the world. For more than 70 years, the ODU specialists have been designing premium standard connectors as well as customized solutions. The group is one of the world’s leading connector systems suppliers in the market and continually redefines its claims. The demand for an individual connector solution also was the starting point of the company's history.

The twig broom – Inspiration for a great invention!

In autumn 1937, Otto Dunkel focused on the construction of the first ionosphere transmitters. They broadcasted messages into the atmosphere, that were reflected and received in a different location. The transmission of messages across long distances did not go without problems, though. There were great issues with the plug contacts of the broadcasting systems. Looking out of his window, Otto Dunkel saw a man with a twig broom sweep up leaves. This gave him the idea for an entirely new type of contact: the springwire contact. This visionary idea solved the problem. On November 12th of the next year, Otto Dunkel filed for a patent for the invention of a "resilient pin". In 1942, he founded his first operation in Berlin: The physical and production-technical research lab – Otto Dunkel. Dunkel's idea of the resilient pin is now used around the world as the ODU SPRINGTAC, offering high connector technology. Otto Dunkel's values continue to live: ODU was founded based on his innovative nature, on the consistent implementation of new solutions and the development of application-specific connectors. For more than 70 years, ODU promotes innovative concepts and sustainable technical progress for the benefit of its customers.

A new start in Mühldorf

In 1947, the company moved to its current site in Mühldorf am Inn. 15 years later, ODU had 140 employees and a turnover in excess of half a million DM. Ever since, Otto Dunkel GmbH – this is the new company name as of 1953 – is a financially independent business. For now the company has a turnover of roughly 139 million Euro. ODU employs more than 1,650 people worldwide and has many sales partners. From its four production sites, ODU provides customers with perfect connectors. Reinvestments secure the state-of-the-art standards in the development and production. ODU continues its legacy and continuously brings innovative solutions to the market.

ODU-MAC® – a flexible, modular premium connector


The modular rectangular connector system ODU-MAC was launched in 1986 and is still state-of-the-art thanks to numerous developments. It can be configured nearly without limits due to its flexible modular build. Reliable and compact. The ODU-MAC is available in two basic shapes: As housing solution for manual mating and in the aluminium frame as automatic docking version. Our internal configurator and technical consulting services enable the option to add individual modules based on the customers’ requirements. There are virtually no limits to the applicability of this modular connector system. Whether used by the Finnish state railway, or as an interface with the analysis unit of the heart catheter systems or when used for the pick-and-place equipment machines – the ODU-MAC ensures reliable connections and exact transmission of power, signal, data and media – even with an extremely high number of mating cycles. Customer reports show that the ODU-MAC with the aluminium docking frame has no failure even after one million mating cycles.

ODU MINI-SNAP® and ODU MEDI-SNAP® – perfect safety

In car crash tests, cars are subjected to different types of stress. Just as the ODU MINI-SNAP connector, which connects the mobile measuring boxes to the stationary measuring system. Once mated, the robust circular connector locks on its own. With its Push-Pull feature, the connection does not open even in an event of a crash. Only pulling back the outer housing will open it. Three basic codes and many different best quality sizes and designs ensure the easy integration of the ODU MINI-SNAP into the customer's application. Like all the other connector solutions, the ODU MINI-SNAP is also subject to continuous development and various adjustments in order to respond to all the customers’ requirements. These features are essential in medical applications where the reliable transmission of signals and data in diagnostic and therapeutic methods can save lives.


A sterilisable plastic version of the Push-Pull connector is another connector solution designed for the everyday medical practice. Diverse encoding options are available as well as a low weight thanks to the plastic housing, high chemical resilience and very simple assembly. The color code warrants visual uniqueness, simplifying handling and integration in the system. Safe data transmission in medical use is guaranteed by numerous certifications.

ODU AMC® – highest durability even under hard environments

ODU designed the highly robust metal circular connector series ODU AMC for the military and security technology. For example, they are used in Future Soldier Radios. Resilience, water-tightness, low-reflection surface, low weight – use in the field requires the highest level of safety and robustness. Thanks to the Push-Pull locking or the Break-Away function, the ODU AMC connections can be closed or opened quickly and easily.

ODU presents its innovative miniature connector series ODU AMC High-Density at electronica 2014. With a diameter of less than 10 to 18.5 millimetres and a pole density of up to 40 contacts, the ODU AMC High-Density proves that high functionality and premium-quality do not require a lot of space. Whether used in the military helmet technology or in-ear devices for soldiers: The ODU AMC High-Density guarantees reliable, disturbance-free signal and data transmission. ODU AMC High-Density is a reliable connector solution also for medical, measuring and testing, sensor technology and communication systems.

Customized connector solutions

ODU connector

ODU provides standard products and also customized connector solutions for a large number of applications such as components for vacuum applications or contact systems for eMobility. Additionally, at the customer’s request, the medium-sized company can also provide complete cable assembly solutions.

ODU – around the world with perfect connections

ODU provides for more than 70 years innovative application-specific connector solutions. "Trust and reliability are the foundation of any successful connection. In addition to creativity, they are the foundation of our company" emphasizes Dr. Joachim Belz, managing director at ODU. "Our strategic goal is a stable, revenue-oriented growth particularly in our core markets: Europe, Asia and North America. ODU continues to position itself as one of the world’s leading connector systems suppliers." ODU – the perfect connection. Worldwide.

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