Industrial circular connector

Apex Round Connector

Round connectors, sometimes also known as circular connectors, are used in all kinds of ways in professional and industrial electronics. Round connectors are available for testing and measuring equipment, data traffic, power cables for weak or strong currents, and even for the transfer of gases or liquids. Telerex offers a highly extensive range of circular connectors to meet every kind of demand.

Whether it concerns applications in the medical or military sectors, the processing industry, the rapidly developing renewable energy sector, heavy industry, or testing and measuring systems, Telerex has the right type of round connector. Tailored to application requirements and the applicable standards within the target market, we can supply circular connectors with IP50 to IP69K water resistance, with resistance to aggressive substances, and with special lock-in mechanisms such as snap-in, push-pull or brake-away locks. It goes without saying that the standards which are in place for the various sectors are strictly observed, such as UL, SCA, VDE, IEC, DIN, or MIL inspections and certificates.


Connecting forms

  • Push-Pull
  • Screw
  • Bayonet
  • Snap-in

The number of insertion cycles which a connector must be able to withstand without error varies per application, and can range from a few insertions to in excess of 100,000 times. Telerex also supplies the best and most economical connectors with an eye on the desired number of insertion cycles, and the client can opt for connectors with various socket contacts. Circular connectors for low pitch cycles are normally built with turned or stamped contacts. Lamella contacts are typically used in connectors needed for applications of up to 20,000 insertion cycles. For real heavy-duty work, going up to even 1 million insertion cycles, there are specially patented systems, such as wire spring contacts with a special type of lubrication.

The Telerex package includes all available technologies. We have circular connectors from 1 to 90 poles, suitable for low voltage, signal transmission, or even high current of up to 600A. The connectors can be made of synthetic material or metal, and are accompanied with the locking mechanism and pull safety suitable to your application.

Hotec M8 Connector

Circular connectors are suitable for

  • Military applications
  • Medical equipment
  • Test & Measurement
  • Procesindustrie
  • Renewable energy
  • Heavy industrial applications