Cable Assembly

maatwerk assemblage

Telerex has strong links with a number of leading manufacturers and its own private production partner based in Taiwan - MechaTronix. This means we not only have a large assortment of connectors, but also in an extensive range of cable assemblies including, for instance, for M8 and M12 cables for sensor and valve technology, LVDS, VGA, DVI, Video and CRT cables, USB, CAT5 and CAT6, CCD, SMD and MMX, as well as for many types of power cables.

In compliance with the requirements in the application markets of these products, all of our cable assemblies meet the required ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 standards, and are both UL and CSA certified. With production facilities in the Netherlands, Romania, Taiwan and China, Telerex is also ideally placed to provide you with client-specific and customised solutions to suit your needs, and in a price-quality relation as specified by you.

Cable assemblies

  • Power cables
  • Image and video: LVDS, VGA, DVI, CRT, Composite, RGB
  • Data: USB, RS232, CAT5, CAT6, CCD, SMD, MMX