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P-Duke Power

P-Duke Power

The Taiwanese manufacturer P-Duke Power is a product of the startup wave of the early 1990s. After its start of operations in 1992, this manufacturer of DC/DC converters experienced hefty competition for the first decade of fierce competition, before turning onto a path of steady growth. With factories in Taiwan and China, more than 200 employees, and a solid capitalisation, P-Duke Power is now a name to be reckoned with.

P-Duke Power invests heavily in research and development. Forty percent of business investments find their way to the R & D departments and the management team is, without exception, composed of technicians with at least 7 years experience in networking applications and communication technology. The "no-pass" quality management and large production capacity contribute significantly to the wide customer satisfaction with P-Duke Power.

P-Duke Power's growth since 1992

  • 1992: Creation P-Duke Technology CO., LTD.
  • 1994: P-Duke Technology CO., LTD. first turns its attention to the international market
  • 1997: The plant achieved ISO-9002 certification
  • 1998: UL / CUL and TUV safety standards for manufacturing are attained
  • 1999: P-Duke Technology CO., LTD. attains ISO 9001 certification
  • 2000:UL / CUL and TUV safety standards for DC-DC product lines are attained
  • 2000: P-Duke Technology CO., LTD. in China opens
  • 2002: ISO-9001 Certificate is upgraded to the 2000 version
  • 2003: P-Duke Technology CO., LTD. becomes an IPO publicly traded company

The product range of P-Duke Power consists of single, dual, and triple output DC/DC converter standard product lines from 1 to 150 Watts for the OEM and ODM market. Besides the standard product lines P-Duke Power also has all the facilities for the development and production of customer-specific model modifications.

Product Lines

  • Unregulated Type Isolated DC/DC Converters (Capsule Package)
  • Regulated Type Non-Isolated POL DC/DC Converters (Capsule/Open Frame Package)
  • Regulated Type Isolated DC/DC Converters (Capsule/Open Frame Package)
  • Regulated Type Isolated DC/DC Converters (Brick Size Capsule/Open Frame Package)
  • Custom project design solution

Visit the website of P-Duke Power for more information.