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Mean Well

Mean Well is one of the world's leading manufacturers of power supplies. Mean Well was founded in 1982 in Taiwan and is synonymous for a very wide range of power supply series, such as AC/DC switching power supplies, DC/DC converters, DC/AC inverters, adapters and battery chargers. In 1994 the ISO9001 certification was acquired and Mean Well now has several manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China.

Mean Well power distinguishes itself from other brands by its high reliability. All stages of production, from development to final mass production, are characterised by very strict and safe, efficient, and quality procedures, so that the end user is assured a sophisticated and long-lasting product, compliant with all the applicable standards. In this way, Mean Well has built a strong reputation for quality, competitive prices, punctual delivery, and for having a wide range of standard models.

The brand name “MEAN WELL” is defined as “have good intentions”. We strongly believe that the product quality is the life of power supply manufacturer. “To become the reliable power partner” has been the motivation for Mean Well to grow continuously.

Standard power supplies

  • Enclosed Type Power Supply 15W to 9,000W
  • Open PCB Power Supply 5W to 250W
  • DIN Rail Power Supply 10W to 960W
  • LED & Waterproof Power Supply 12W to 320W
  • Modular Power Supply 450W to 1,000W
  • 19'' Rack Power 1,000W to 18,000W
  • Desktop & Wall-mounted Adapter 6W to 220W
  • Battery Charger 30W to 1,000W
  • DC-DC Converter 0.5W to 1,000W
  • DC-AC Inverter 100W to 3,000W

With a standard range of more than 4,000 models, a modern production facility of 15,000 m2, and an intelligent information management system, Mean Well can sufficiently stock about 95% of the standard models to serve its customers quickly. This makes Mean Well’s power supplies desired products in a wide range of applications

Application areas

  • Automation
  • Communication equipment
  • LED lighting & applications
  • Medical devices
  • Moving sign applications
  • Office automation

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